A more energized everyday life
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Nils and Eva Båth wanted to help create a better future. Living in a home heated with an air water pump and having installed solar panels on the roof, it was a matter of course for them to supplement their investment with an energy storage. Something that happened to open larger opportunities for their electricity […] Read more
Taking charge of your home energy with QuiPower – the smart solution
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Rikard Malm wanted to take charge of home energy for some time, but the technology has only recently become available to deliver this, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. With the installation of multiple solar panels on several roofs and buildings, and QuiPower managing the energy supply, it’s now possible to generate and store much of a […] Read more
Become self-sufficient with solar panels and QuiPower
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Tiit Nurmela’s house, in Norrtälje Stockholm, is equipped with solar panels with a peak effect of 10.8 kWp*. During 2019 a total of 8 000 kWh or energy were generated, of which only 3 000 kWh were used. A geothermal heat pump was installed in December 2019, which further increases the amount of excess energy being […] Read more
Off-grid solar backup
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How much solar energy can you produce during a blackout? Without energy storage, the answer is none. For Linda in Eskilstuna, this was a surprise that needed to be solved early on in her journey towards a new home solar energy system. “You could say I´m a bit of an energy nerd, so it just […] Read more
Investing in the next generation
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Change is happening. And one local energy company is determined to lead the way. To foster technological development and promote clean local energy, Gävle Energi has embarked on a pilot project aimed at exploring new opportunities in energy storage. “We chose to collaborate with Enequi because they have a complete concept: a solution that’s well […] Read more
Clean energy in the tank with QuiPower
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Roger Albinson lives in Alingsås, outside Gothenburg in western Sweden, where he runs his business, the Energicenter. He has solar panels on the roof of his detached house for the production of clean energy. However, just like most solar panel owners, a lot of excess energy is produced during the daytime when the family’s energy […] Read more