Lifestyle store in Netherlands now benefits from QuiPower system

Indutecc – Enequi partner in the Netherlands – has delivered and installed the country’s first QuiPower Hydride system. The client is Mantje in De Koog, a lifestyle store on the island Texel, and the properties solar panels are now connected to an intelligent energy storage solution with 24 kWh capacity. The owner of the store has already seen improvements related to the energy consumption and costs.

A few weeks ago, the Netherlands received their first installed QuiPower system, delivered by Enequi’s partner Indutecc. The installation consists of a combination of two 15 kWh inverters and a battery solution with 24 kWh capacity, connected to solar panels, in a lifestyle store on the island Texel.

Sandor Mantje, the owner of the store, tries to run his shop as sustainable as possible and the new QuiPower system is an important part of his pursuit. Sandor has devised, for example, a deposit scheme for clothing and shoes whereby customers can return their old clothing and shoes so that they can be recycled responsibly and given a second life as other products.

The fact that the batteries in the Enequi storage solution also has an extended lifespan, due to the unique ReOx technology, is one of many reasons why Sandor have chosen Enequi as the provider for intelligent energy storage.

”The QuiPower systemet really is a beneficial system.”

Sandor Mantje

The ReOx batteries from Nilar, which are used in the QuiPower Hydride system, are based on Nickel Metal Hydride technique in which the electrolyte is water-based. This technique is especially safe to use and is the most durable on the market. The integrated EMS (Energy Management System) of the QuiPower system ensures maximum use of renewable energy as well as intelligent control over the properties major energy users.

As soon as a flexible energy contract has been concluded, Sandor will also benefit from the energy prize optimization, a solution that allows smart energy purchases at times when it is cheap to buy. This later enables peak shaves at the expensive hours.

The future oriented intelligence of the QuiPower system has already resulted in cost savings for Sandor. Since the EMS system works with complete automation, it also unburdens the user and Sandor can effortlessly enjoy lower costs and improved energy comfort.

The exterior of QuiPower Hydride.

The inside of the system.

Sandor owns an additional lifestyle store on Texel and is now considering installing the QuiPower system there as well. He is also investigating the possibility of adding Enequi’s solutions in his private property.

– The QuiPower system really is a beneficial and intelligent solution, he comments. I am very satisfied with the current installation and would love for it to be a part of both my other store and my private home.

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