QuiPower Charger

QuiPower Charger is an intelligent range of car charges range from Enequi. By letting the QuiPower platform manage the charging of your electric vehicles in combination with your locally produced solar energy and an energy storage solution, new opportunities arise to minimize energy costs and maximize charging comfort.

When installation of one or more car chargers are installed in a property it adds a large load which is important to control. The QuiPower system manage and controls the EV-charging, together with other loads in the property, to keep grid and electricity costs down and to protect the fuse.

All loads in the assortment can communicate with QuiPower Core and can utilize self-produced solar energy and stored energy. If there is a need to connect car chargers to a payment service, the Compleo Eco online 11 kW should be chooses as it makes creation of user-id, billing services and payment for car charging easy.