QuiPower Charger

Original accessories for your energy storage. QuiPower Charger – the smarter way to charge.

Electric car charging should be easy, safe and done without compromising the energy comfort in the house. With QuiPower Charger, an original accessories for QuiPower Storage, you will never have to worry about blowing a fuse when charging. Charge quickly. Charge with solar power. Charge at a low price. Charge as you like.

Electric car charging for QuiPower Storage Indoor and Outdoor

The energy storages QuiPower Storage Indoor and QuiPower Storage Outdoor has the electric car charger QuiPower Charger integrated in the energy storage. (As an option.)

There are many benefits with having an integrated QuiPower Charger:

  • Reduced risk of theft. Since you don’t need to install an external charging box, you make it difficult for the thieves. All you need at your charging station is a charging cable. It is installed together with the energy storage.
  • Several charging points. With QuiPower Charger it is possible to charge many cars at the same time.
  • Equal charging. QuiPower Charger ensures that all connected cars get the same amount of energy, so-called load balancing.
  • Rapid charging. By utilizing all the energy that is currently available in the property, QuiPower Charger ensures that your car is fully charged quickly.
  • Full overview in the QuiPower App. Monitor all the cars connected and see their charging status.
  • Charge with solar energy. Energy from your solar panels straight into the car, locally produced electricity at its best.

Electric car charging for QuiPower Storage Module

In the energy storage QuiPower Storage Module, the electric car charger is mounted as an external unit. The charger communicates directly with your energy storage and ensures energy comfort for your home as well as rapid charging for your car.

Benefits with choosing QuiPower Charger:

  • Rapid charging. By using all available energy in the property, QuiPower Charger makes sure that your car is quickly charged.
  • Full overview in the QuiPower App. Watch all cars connected and see the status on their charge.
  • Charge with solar power. Get energy from your solar panels straight into your car. That is locally produced electricity at its best!
Integrated car charging

Yes, for QuiPower Storage Indoor and Outdoor

External car charger

Yes, for QuiPower Storage Module

Control via App

Yes, control your charging where ever you are

Charging capacity

13,8 kW

Power balancing

Yes, all cars will charge with the same effect


QuiPower Charger charges almost all car types! (It works with single phase, two phase and three phase charging)

QuiPower Node

Allows you to control your lights and appliances directly from the QuiPower app.

QuiPower Storage
QuiPower Storage

Stores energy for when you need it the most and provides a balanced flow of energy throughout the home.

QuiPower Charger

Smart car charging – integrated or external

QuiPower Off-Grid

The unique off-grid solution that provides energy even during power outages.

QuiPower App

Manage the QuiPower-system in real time directly from your mobile.