This is Enequi

Enequi was founded in 2017 and sprung from a vision of a more sustainable world – where energy storage and energy optimization form a cornerstone of the necessary energy transformation.

Enequi is a Swedish developer and supplier of intelligent solutions for energy storage and energy optimization in private and commercial properties. Our products and services are based on decades of industry experience and a commitment to give property owners control over their energy usage – thus contributing to a problem-free transition to clean and environmentally friendly energy.

Our purpose

We go to work to

To lead the way in the transition to clean energy.

Business idea

We do it by

Enequi enables the transition to clean energy for property owners by developing and providing intelligent systems and services for energy storage and energy control.


We know we have reached our goal when

QuiPower is a given solution for every property owner in their transitioning to clean and environmentally friendly energy.

The easiest way to get more people to join the sustainable energy movement is to make it profitable and uncomplicated. That is why we developed the patented QuiPower system, which helps property owners and households to a cheaper, safer, and more sustainable energy supply.

Enequi is the reincarnation of the founders previous company, Gycom, a leading provider of electronic components to the Scandinavian market. With over 30 years of supplying automation components and systems to installers and OEMs, our previous experience has paved the way for the development of the QuiPower platform. It has enabled us to source the optimal components to create a secure and inclusive Bluetooth mesh environment for our smart energy solutions.