QuiPower Node

The QuiPower Node relay is the connection in your property that gives you intelligent lighting control, load management and energy control. Install only QuiPower Node or include them as part of your QuiPower system for intelligent energy storage.

With QuiPower Node you can easily control your lighting and other electricity consumers. Set a timer on your coffee maker, control the outdoor lighting with regard to sunset and sunrise, or create automations that suit your everyday life. In the QuiPower app, you create your personal scenarios for lighting and other electric consumers. Build an entire network of nodes with Bluetooth Mesh or install only one node exactly where you need it. With QuiPower Node, there are no limits.

In QuiPower app, it is easy to configure all lighting settings and rooms. Choose how your coffee maker, lights or car charger should act with regard to day, time, sunset or sunrise, or with a timer.

Download on App Store or Google Play.

Include QuiPower Node as a part of the complete QuiPower platform for intelligent energy storage. Your benefits are lower electricity costs, a more reliable energy supply and increased energy comfort.