QuiPower Storage – Lithium BTS

QuiPower Storage – Lithium BTS is a slimmed energy storage system that is ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

The energy storage is flexible to your needs and can be expanded with up to four battery modules. Each distribution unit can be connected to between one and four battery modules, which are mounted on top of each other on a base plate, for maximum space saving.

The battery modules have their own BMS (Battery Management System), which allows you to add more battery capacity in the future, as each module monitors itself and constantly analyzes and optimizes the well-being of the module.

The energy storage is part of Enequi’s QuiPower platform and is sold together with the QuiPower Core and QuiPower Inverter.

Key features

  • Energy storage with slim design and flexible expansion of the battery capacity.
  • Flexible expansion of battery capacity
  • Low self-discharge in standby mode
  • Simple stack installation
  • Real time data monotoring
  • Compatible with the QuiPower platform

Storage capacity

Model nameBTS E5-DS5BTS E10-DS5BTS E15-DS5BTS E20-DS5
Storage capacity5 kWh10,24 kWh
15,36kWh20,48 kWh
Useful capacity4,75 kWh9,75 kWh14,25 kWh19 kWh

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The QuiPower-plattform intelligence

At the heart of QuiPower is energy storage and intelligent AI control of your property’s energy consumption, along with clean energy from your solar cells. Whether you need intelligent energy storage, dynamic electric car charging, automated lighting control or backup power during power outages, QuiPower helps you make your property more energy efficient. Daytime. Night time. All time.

Cut your electricity costs with QuiPower!

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