“We want to be at the forefront of development”

What began as an interest in technology eventually led to a purchase of an electric car and investments in solar panels and intelligent energy storage. Now Patrik Lundin and his family have a partially self-sufficient home with high energy comfort, where they can charge their car with sunrays and keep their lights on even during power outages.

The latest technology

Patrik Lundin, his wife and their two children live in a house in Skåne, Sweden, and have always been interested in modern technology. A few years ago, they decided to buy a Tesla.

– The car manufacturer was at the forefront of smart functionality and modern technology. When we started looking at smart solutions for solar, we got the same feeling about Enequi. They had the latest technology, and since we want to be at the forefront of development it was a natural match. We simply want to be where it happens, says Patrik.

The contact with Enequi was initiated at the same time as the family got the idea of buying an electric car, and Patrik was quick to act.

– I first heard about Enequi in a Facebook group where I posted a question about solar panels. After reading more about the company, I realized that their system offered benefits that many others lacked. Above all, I was hooked on the possibility of running the system off-grid while charging the batteries at the same time, says Patrik.

“Enequi’s system offered benefits that many others lacked.”

Patrik Lundin

Alternatives and choices

Together with Enequi and one of their installation partners, the family decided to invest in a QuiPower energy storage system with 12 kWh storage capacity and off-grid functionality. According to Johan Torstensson, project manager at Enequi, the solution matched the family’s needs perfectly.

– After listening to the family’s needs and looking at different systems, we found a solution with the exact storage capacity and functionality that the family requested. The biggest goals were that Patrik and his family should get more out of their self-produced electricity and that they should be able to minimize the amount of purchased energy, while also lowering their electricity costs.

– As the electricity prizes in Skåne and the rest of Sweden has skyrocketed in the recent months, the financial gains with increased self-production and better energy control will generate monthly savings for the family.

“What we have achieved as a whole, combining an electric car with solar panels and energy storage with various functionalities, leaves me with a great gut feeling.”

Patrik Lundin

Many benefits

Since the solution was installed at the family’s house, they have had time to purchase another Tesla. Patrik explains that lower energy costs were the driving force, and that they also wanted to do a good deed for the environment. Since the installation they are also less dependent on the electricity grid companies.

– What we have achieved as a whole, combining an electric car with solar panels and energy storage with various functionalities, leaves me with a great gut feeling, says Patrik.

What do you think of the energy storage system so far?

– We like the user interface and are very satisfied so far. Hopefully, the experience will get even better over time when the system has had time to learn our consumption habits. We are already noticing that the battery works better the more it is running. For now, the most fun part is looking at the graphs that are produced. We’re mostly looking forward to the cost reduction when the bills start rolling in.

Would you have wished anything else from the solution?

– If I really think about it, maybe I would have liked the numbers in the app to be updated a little more often. Maybe every 30 seconds instead of every two minutes.

Did you use the tax deduction for green technology while paying for the investment?

– Yes, we took the opportunity and were able to get full support for both me and my wife. I usually recommend others to act now while the deduction is still available, if they want to install solar panels, energy storage or EV-chargers.

Johan, as project manager at Enequi, what do you see will be the biggest benefits for the family when they are about to charge their cars?

– The biggest difference, I would say, is that it will cost less. Today, the family uses Tesla’s own electric car charger. By supplementing it with a QuiPower Charger they will be able to further upgrade their charging comfort and increase energy efficiency in the home. The system also ensures that both cars can be charged at the same time without blowing the fuse, all while the home can be used as usual.

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