Significantly lower electricity costs, better energy classification and higher net operating income.

These are just some of the benefits of choosing the patented QuiPower system – for automated and intelligent energy optimization of your property. 

QuiPower provides a unique solution – energy storage with intelligent software

The basic idea of QuiPower is simple; to use electricity in a smart and cost effective way. The core of QuiPower is energy storage and intelligent AI software controlling the property’s energy consumption, with clean energy from your solar panels. For companies, property owners, landlords and BRFs, the system provides several unbeatable advantages.

QuiPower’s automated and intelligent data collection and analysis – including functionality such as renewable time shifting, peak power shaving and energy price optimization – enables for electricity to be bought when prices are low and stored for usage later in the day when energy prices peak.

The system learns the consumption patterns of every property and uses this knowledge to automatically optimize the usage between the self-produced solar energy and the energy storage. The outcome is a more reliable energy supply and significantly lower electricity costs.

Functionality for commercial properties

The patented QuiPower system enables for your energy consumption to be both cheaper, smarter and more reliable. This is all completely automated, and you can track the results in real time in the QuiPower app. The features of QuiPower can vary depending on your residency (Please note that not all functionality listed below may be available in your country):

Safe Backup Power

Safe back-up power

QuiPower Storage is as standard powered with Nilar batteries. With safe batteries in your property you don’t need to be concerned about fire risks or applying for installation approvals.

Increase property value

With lower and more predictable energy bills, QuiPower enhances the long-term valuation of your property and enables you to plan for the future with full control of operating costs.

Smart office environments

QuiPower provides detailed data on energy consumption. QuiPower Nodes enable your tenants to control and automate lighting and appliances in office spaces or rental apartments.

Fast-track your CSR program

If you’ve invested in solar panels you have to sell excess energy and buy when production doesn’t meet consumption. With QuiPower, you can store clean energy produced on weekends and use it at the office in the week.

How is QuiPower beneficial for your properties?

Five quick questions with Martin Lovén, Sales Manager at Enequi.

How can QuiPower improve the net operation income in my property?

– This is made possible by a variety of functionality. Our energy storage, together with our patented intelligent AI technology, can for example shave power peaks, thus lowering the energy costs. With tariff management, parts of the consumption can also be controlled to times when the electricity grid fee is lower.

Can QuiPower decrease the need to buy electricity?

Yes, especially if the property’s solar panels is producing excess energy during the day. This excess can be stored and used when the energy demand is higher – this is completely automated, of course – and thus reduces the need to buy electricity from the grid.

What other financial benefits are associated with the QuiPower-system?

In addition to the financial savings, the reduces need for purchased electricity can help the property reach net zero emissions. The EU’s taxonomy is still quite difficult to overview, but it is clear that more energy-efficient properties will benefit. That will probably lead to several consequential effects, such as a more attractive property valuation and greater opportunities for green financing.

How fast before break-even after installing QuiPower?

– This is of course very important question, but also quite difficult to give a straight answer to – all commercial properties have different needs and energy consumptions. How long before the investment is profitable also depends on how many EV chargers are installed, if there is already solar panels on the roof, etcetera. We recommend you reach out to us and we can discuss your property’s needs and come up with a tailored solution that is beneficial.

But is it possible to say anything at all about the repayment period?

– Yes, many of our commercial customers usually take a look at our examples for home owners. In these examples, is takes between 4 and 7 years for the investment to pay off. These calculations are also based on previous years’ lower electricity prices, and on the charges that apply to private properties, so it is safe to say that there are no hesitations regarding whether or it is beneficial for commercial properties – it most definitely is.

The technology behind the energy optimization of the next generation

The QuiPower system is installed by professional partners to Enequi and is then completely automated in your home. All you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the benefits of intelligent energy storage. We will help you figure out which solution is best suited for your needs, depending on whether or not you already have solar panels installed in your property.

Products and services:

The patented QuiPower system enables smarter energy optimization. Our system consists of the following products and services:

Handle IMD demands with QuiPower

Optimize the value of you property’s PV


QuiPower is the answer to the energy challenge

Acquire QuiPower for your property

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