The market is ready for Enequi


Mats R Karlsson is Enequis chairman and a person who has been involved in founding several renowned international companies with focus on technology. According to him the market is ready for Enequis solution. The rapid transition towards a fossil-free society, that is also more dependent on electricity, makes demands on the power supply that today’s electricity grids and properties can not cope with. This development comes with problems, and Enequi has the solution. Mats R Karlsson explains how.

How do you briefly describe the outlook for Enequis systems?

The outlook is very promising. Enequis system is the solution to an efficient electricity supply since it is capable of both charging and storing energy. Many owners of rechargeable vehicles will require charging in the shortest time possible. There are huge challenges on the future electricity networks, and if nothing is done we risk more or less a collapse when it is time to readjust from fossil fuels to renewables. Enequis systems will contribute to a smoother transition, and is a reasonable investment. In addition, it is recyclable to almost 100 percent.

Buying Enequis Systems is an investment that can be made for several reasons. One is to make the electricity supply more practical. The system also enables economic returns and contributes to the creation of a more sustainable society.

What do you think is most important from the costumers point of view?

My understanding is that customers in Western Europe – private or corporate customers – takes functioning electricity distribution for granted. It is a natural part of our lifestyle. But when the amount of rechargeable vehicles grows rapidly and new alternative energy solutions are being established and rapidly gaining new ground, existing electrical systems will be highly pressured. Some systems will collapse. Here, Enequis systems can become an important part of the solution for many – both individuals and companies – that, for example, own and manage properties.

How ready is the market for Enequis systems?

The insight varies greatly. This is because today’s energy supply is still working and many do not realise that the current transition towards a more fossil-free and more electricity-dependent society will bring new challenges.

I am convinced that professionals and experts are already seeing the need of Enequis solutions and that many of them are ready to make investments. The problem is that most people wake up first when they experience problems with the power supply. I do not want to be an alarmist, but if we continue to turn a blind eye to the current challenges of today’s development we risk regular blackouts. How many people have camping kitchens at home in case of longer power outages? One simply does not act until the day a problem arises.

Moreover, those who have not yet realised the problems we are facing can be lured by our system because it allows for the cost-effective storage of energy from, for example, solar cells, which can then be used when most needed. Here, an investment in Enequis solution provides better returns compared to selling back the energy to power companies, which is the alternative if electricity from solar cells is not consumed when produced.

What are the challenges of breaking new ground by launching a system you are alone in?

Being a pioneer and first out is always a challenge as the market must be trained and informed. Normally it takes time to build the market, but with current development it can go significantly faster. The development, where we move to renewable energy sources and rechargeable vehicles, comes with force and will have challenges to be solved. Here, Enequis systems are a cost-effective and flexible part of the solution, which can be confirmed by the great interest that the people of industry show us.

In what areas can you, with your industrial background, mainly contribute?

I hope that my experience in building and scaling up companies internationally will come in handy for Enequi. I aim to be of help in finding the right channels to the market and open contact-areas to opinion leaders and decision makers. Of course, it is also about contributing strategic skills and supporting management in thorny issues.

Where in the world will it be easiest to establish Enequi? And why?

In western Europe and in markets that are so-called early adopters. The Nordic region is in the forefront of rechargeable vehicles, Germany in terms of solar energy, Spain and Portugal in terms of alternative energy. It can be added that all of these markets need agile solutions to store energy.

Enequi is newly started. How much of your time do you put on the company? And what are your feelings towards the company and its business?

I put the time needed to bring the company forward. Right now that means that most of my waking time goes to Enequi. It is a true pleasure because it is extremely exciting to work with a company that has a unique solution in an attractive area, that is great for the end user as well as the environment.

Mats R Karlsson

Age: 59 years
Education: Industrial Engineering and Managment, Linköping University
Relevant Professional Background: CEO and senior positions from Axel Johnson International, AxFlow, Munters and Primus-Sievert. Board assignments in VBG, Fire fighting Systems and Ideation
Interests: Outdoor activiteis
Car: Yes (Audi A6, SaaB 9-5), rechargeable Mercedes to three-year-old
Home Electrical Supply: Yes
Unknown Talent: Abdominal speaker and sea race with 14 podiums on Gotland runt