QuiPower Core

QuiPower Core is the brain of the QuiPower platform that controls, analyzes, and takes action based on the property’s prevailing conditions and needs. The installation for QuiPower Core is wall-mounted and it communicates with both the energy storage and the hybrid inverter to be able to intelligently regulate the energy flows to and from the property. The unit is also connected to the property’s network, which enables real-time visualization of ongoing management and historical data.

The energy flows in the property can be monitored and managed via the QuiPower app, which the user can easily download to the mobile phone. Configuration of user specific settings can be done from the app; for example, selection of different scenarios such as peak-shaving, tariff control, time-shifting, or smart car charging.

The QuiPower-plattform intelligence

Key features
  • Dynamic control of the properties power and energy needs.
  • Visualisation of the property’s energy usage
  • Prepared for backup power with QuiPower Off-Grid