Significantly lower electricity costs, a more reliable energy supply, smarter car charging and increased property value.

The patented QuiPower system takes intelligent energy optimization to a whole new level. With unbeatable benefits for homeowners. 

The core of QuiPower is energy storage and intelligent AI software controlling the property’s energy consumption, with clean energy from your solar panels. This is all completely automated, and you can track the results in real time in the QuiPower app.

Increased self sufficiency

QuiPower together with your solar panels increase your energy self sufficiency. Store solar energy in QuiPower, which in standard configuration is equipped with Nilar batteries, said to be the safes batteries in the world. Perfect for the home.

Increased property value

When it’s time to sell you property it will get a higher value if you have low and predictable energy bills. Besides, you can plan much better if you know your future energy costs.

Use locally produced energy

By connecting QuiPower to your solarpanels, you can drive your EV with self produced solar energy. You can also use more of you solar energy instead of selling the overproduction and then needing to purchase expensive energy from the grid when the sun sets.

Energy when it suits you

Most of the solar energy is produced during the day, when you’re at work. The electricity price is also higher in the morning and at night, when you’re at home. Store your own energy or buy at low cost and use at a time that suits you!

Functionality for home owners

The patented QuiPower system enables for your energy consumption to be both cheaper, smarter and more reliable. This is all completely automated, and you can track the results in real time in the QuiPower app. The features of QuiPower can vary depending on your residency. (Please note that not all functionality listed below may be available in your country):

The technology behind the energy optimization of the next generation

The QuiPower system is installed by professional partners to Enequi and is then completely automated in your home. All you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the benefits of intelligent energy storage. We will help you figure out which solution is best suited for your needs, depending on whether or not you already have solar panels installed in your property.

Products and services:

The patented QuiPower system enables smarter energy optimization. Our system consists of the following products and services:

Full installation or one step at a time?

Most of our customers does not have solar panels installed and they choose to take our help for a complete installation of PV and energy storage. Others might already have PV and choose to install QuiPower to optimize the value of their solar panels.

While most of our customers usually installs the complete echo system, some choose to take it one step at a time and install product by product as their needs expand. At Enequi we help you understand what solution works best for you.

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