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Roger Albinson lives in Alingsås, outside Gothenburg in western Sweden, where he runs his business, the Energicenter. He has solar panels on the roof of his detached house for the production of clean energy. However, just like most solar panel owners, a lot of excess energy is produced during the daytime when the family’s energy consumption is at its lowest. Roger also owns an electric car which requires a lot of energy when charging.

The solution in brief

Solar panel capacity:15.3 kW
Car(s) being charged:Tesla Model S
Car charging capacityUp to 13.8 kW
QuiPower products in use:QuiPower Storage
QuiPower storage capacity:14.4 kW

The challenge

Roger first came into contact with Enequi at a trade fair and quickly became interested in QuiPower as a solution for energy storage and car charging.

“We generate a lot of solar energy,” says Roger. “I want to use the excess energy to power my needs at home. For instance, my electric car is parked up quite often during the daytime as I use another vehicle for work related matters. I could use the overproduction to charge it but most of the car chargers on the market aren’t smart enough to handle this.”

”My electric car can be parked for several days at a time, so it makes complete sense to use overproduction to charge the battery. It doesn’t have to charge quickly, since the car isn’t in use. Today’s charging options only allow you to program a time of departure for a car, and will tailor the amount of charge accordingly. That doesn’t solve my problem.”

”The plan is to be self-sufficient throughout the summers. The solar energy stored and distributed by Quipower will power our home and two hybrid cars. Last year we only got to use 3000 kWh out of a total of 8000 kWh produced solar energy.”

Roger Albinson

Available alternatives

Roger analyzed several alternative solutions but none of them met his expectations. “There were only basic solutions on offer and suppliers were too stuck in their ways to look for something different. The big advantage – and the reason I chose Enequi – was that they offered a flexible solution.”

QuiPower Storage – a smart, energy balancing storage unit – was installed in his garage along with two integrated car chargers. The unit is connected to the solar panels and the local grid. Roger now uses QuiPower to manage and control all his home energy for optimized energy storage, production, consumption and car charging.

Results and benefits

It only took a few hours to install QuiPower once it was delivered. The settings were optimized to meet Roger’s specific requirements, such as enabling storage, even when production of solar energy is extremely low. When production is high, energy is directed to the car charger. If there is sufficient energy stored, the car will continue to charge even when there is a cloud covering over the panels.

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