Charge your car with QuiPower – discover the benefits!

This is how QuiPower makes it more safe, efficient and flexible to charge the car at home.

Guide – A smarter way to charge the car.

1. Don’t sell the electricity – drive using the sun’s rays

For the environmentally-minded person who already has solar panels installed on the roof of their house, it’s now easy to charge the electric car using solar energy. With QuiPower, you can choose to optimise the car charging, so it’s only based on solar power from your own roof.

The advantage is that you can store energy from the solar panels during the day, enabling you to easily charge the electric vehicles with solar energy when you get home from work. Instead of selling the electricity, you can store it for personal use!

Billaddning solenergi
Elbilsladdning höst

2. Skip the charging box – charge anyway

A charging box for your electric vehicle is dangerously unprotected in the outdoor environment and is usually not mounted in a very theft-proof way. With QuiPower, the actual electronic components for the charging box are built into the energy storage unit, which means that you only need to have the charging cable mounted on the wall next to the car.

Theft-proof, flexible and low-maintenance.

3. Charge whenever you want – for night prices

Many electricity distribution companies are now introducing time tariffs, which means that the electricity price varies between different times of the year and different times of the day. With energy storage at home, you can buy electricity during the night when the price is at its lowest and use the energy in the morning and afternoon when the price is at its highest.

Just like any other market, the price of electricity is affected by supply and demand. One thing we know for sure is that the demand for electricity will increase significantly in the next few years. With QuiPower, you can control your electricity costs without having to change your everyday life. Charge the electric car at night prices regardless of the time of day.

Ladda bilen och laga mat

4. Charge the car, cook and reduce the size of the fuse

If you live in a villa or terraced house, you probably have a main fuse of 16, 20 or 25 Amperes (these are the most common currents). This means that if you are using more electricity and exceed the limit, the fuse goes. This might have occurred in the past when the oven, stove, washing machine, heat pump and kettle was started at the same time. But nowadays this is much more common, and an electric vehicle is often the cause of the problem.

By using an intelligent energy storage, you can assist the house with extra energy when it all becomes “a bit too much”. Electricity stored in the energy storage at a time of low electricity consumption, can then easily be used when demand is high. With the correct energy storage, you can easily manage without adding more fuses, and you may even be able to select a smaller main fuse, thus lowering your electricity bill

Sounds interesting – tell me more!

5. Maximise the charging potential

Why charge with a little energy when you can charge with a lot? Many people who install car chargers limit the charging capacity, not to risk the fuse blowing when charging the car. At Enequi, we think this is unnecessary.

With QuiPower, the charging speed adapts to the amount of energy available in the property. If you’re drinking tea with mood lighting or maybe watching TV, the car will charge at full speed, enabling you to be ready for new adventures in a jiffy. If, on the other hand, you are cooking, washing and running the heat pump at full capacity, then the car will only charge a bit as you’re prioritising other things in that moment. Electric car charging should be as easy and as quick as possible!

Smart elbilsladdning från mobilen

6. Smart car charging from your mobile

In the past, people owned and carried wallets, cameras, MP3 players (or maybe freestyles), ID cards, books and maps.

Today, we have smartphones. Now you can also control the car charging process from your mobile phone, making even unsmart electric cars smart (or the smart car, even smarter). The QuiPower app from Enequi is also integrated with the energy storage and solar energy production, enabling you to get total control of your energy consumption directly in the app.

7. Charge at the speed of light
– 70 km per hour directly from your solar panels!

By driving your electric vehicle on locally produced electricity from the solar panels on your own rooftop, you’re contributing to a greener world. But this doesn’t have to happen at the expense of reduced charging speed! With QuiPower, and your own solar panels, you can charge the electric car with the equivalent of 70 kilometres per hour – directly from the sun.

If you don’t have solar panels yet, boosting the car charging with pre-stored energy works brilliantly. For fast and efficient car charging.

Ladda med solens hastighet
Elbilar parkering

8. Avoid feuding with neighbours – charging capacity for all

If you live in a tenant-owner association, the issue of electric car charging is probably highly topical, or is likely to become significant in the near future. With several charging points and limited charging capacity, internal disputes can arise over who should charge when and where. With a smart energy storage, the lack of capacity can be solved by storing energy at times when there is good supply. This enables subsequent energy use for electric car charging when demand is high. QuiPower also offers several charging points, and smart communication between these points, to ensure that everyone has access to the energy they need, when they need it.

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