Meet Enequi’s new salesmen, with a penchant for Spain


During this summer, Frederik Shamoun took on the role of becoming a salesman at Enequi. Clean-tech is new ground for the 25-year-old, but the sales profession lays close to his heart.

– Two months have passed, everything feels great! This is a new industry for me, but I have already learned a lot. Everyone has been very helpful, and I have received a warm welcome, he says.

Frederik describes his new role as a combination of an office-based salesman and a sales support. It is a job with a big variety, where he must often act as the spider in the web.

– Part of my work is to help Enequi’s field sales representatives with everything from booking meetings to producing customized quotes. The support part is more about receiving calls from our customers, answering questions, and of course helping them choose the right system for their needs, says Frederik.

Frederik loves getting to know new people and is not afraid of challenges. Just a few years after graduating, he packed his bags and moved to Malaga, in southern Spain, where he worked for companies in the Swedish market. Before moving to Spain, Frederik worked with sales in the automotive industry. Therefore, meeting customers every day is something he has been doing for years.

– I am passionate about creating new relationships. Strangers are just friends you have not yet met, he says.

After three years in southern Europe, Frederik headed home to Sweden again, eager to face new challenges.

– I was in love with the sales profession and wanted to evolve in that area. It is an exciting occupation where you get to be social and meet new people. I submitted my application to Enequi, and the rest is history, he says.

In the future, Frederik looks forward to becoming part of Enequi’s international journey. The launch in Spain lays extra close to his heart.

– It was one of the reasons why I applied to Enequi. It is a company that has big plans and wants to expand worldwide. I look forward to being part of that journey, he concludes.

We at Enequi are happy to have Frederik on board and are looking forward to many brilliant years ahead!