Enequi is optimizing their logistics for future demands


Enequi is now optimizing their business with a new logistics hub located just outside of Gothenburg. The investment is a way to establish safer and more sustainable deliveries.

For one year, Enequi and their subsidiary Gycom have worked for an ideal shared logistics solution, that is better dimensioned to their business needs and includes a stable third-part. The new logistics hub meets all requirements.

– This is a way for us to prepare our flow of goods for the future. We choose to outsource the logistic operations to Vätterleden Logistik, to keep our business fast and efficient. By taking this step, we further enhance our ability to help our customers find the right solutions for their needs, says Staffan Sjöstedt, CEO at Gycom.

The new logistics hub is located in a newly built, 10 000 sqm, property close to Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport. The location entails shorter transport distances, both nationally and internationally.

– Vätterleden Logistik works actively to be a sustainable partner, which is something that goes hand in hand with our values. I look forward to an innovative collaboration that will optimize our flow of goods to the customer, Staffan Sjöstedt continues.

The switch to the new logistic solution took place on the 6th of September. From that day, Vätterleden Logistik is handling all of Enequi’s and Gycom’s physical products. The scope includes handling goods, warehousing, digital stock keeping, packaging and delivery to customers all around the world.

– At Vätterleden we know warehousing and logistics and how to help our partners develop their logistic processes. We handle everything from unloading and packing to storage and transport. Some actions we have taken to reduce our climate impact are that we have an energy-efficient building, that 99 percent of our filling material is paper, that we make sure to recycle leftover materials and that we work together with large transportation companies – that have sustainability high on their agendas, says Roger Johansson, CEO at Vätterleden Logistics, and adds:

– We are very happy that Enequi and Gycom have given us the opportunity of becoming their 3PL partner.

As the new logistics solution has become reality, Enequi and Gycom had to update their joint ERP-system, so that it is integrated with Vätterleden’s WMS-system.

– We have developed adaptations in our business system and changed our routines to optimize our processes. The implementation of the new adaptations automates communication with Vätterleden’s system and creates more efficient deliveries to our customers, says Suzanne Enehall, IT- and product manager at Enequi and Gycom, who has managed the development project.