Enequi to ABB Final with New AI Solution for QuiPower

Enequi till final i ABB startup challenge 2024 med ny AI-lösning för QuiPower, deras system för intelligent energilagring

In this year’s edition of the ABB Startup Challenge, more companies than ever, from all corners of the world, have applied for a spot in the competition. The prize is to further develop a proposed project in smart AI and digital solutions in collaboration with ABB. Enequi is part of the smart buildings competition group, where a spot in the final has now been secured through a well-thought-out project proposal and pitch to the international jury. Together with the other finalist companies; Kugu Home and Via, Enequi will present its proposed solution to the final jury in Sophia Antipolis, France, on April 25-27, 2024.

“It feels great that we have made it to the final! Enequi’s business idea and the solutions that ABB is seeking are a perfect match for us. The team has developed a solution that combines ABB’s hardware with Enequi’s QuiPower intelligence and, through newly developed AI components, strengthens and simplifies the solution from installation to end customer,” says Julia Erikson, Marketing and Product Manager at Enequi.

In addition to the opportunity for collaboration with ABB Electrification, winners of the ABB Startup Challenge also gain access to the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to showcase and share the solution in a pilot or customer test. This creates a platform directly towards the market to understand customer needs and demonstrate product value.
  • Access to ABB laboratory environments used together with customers, providing a unique opportunity to develop and refine the solution and gather valuable feedback.
  • An investment of $30,000 for collaboration and further development of the solution with ABB.
  • 6 months of free membership in SynerLeap (value $10,000) – ABB’s startup accelerator – to boost growth and visibility, as well as provide access to a network of potential partners and customers.
  • Exclusive mentor sessions with Microsoft’s startup advisors to guide through the growth journey and offer insights from a global tech leader.
  • The winning company will be announced after the final pitches in France at the end of April 2024.

About Enequi:
Enequi is a Swedish developer and supplier of intelligent solutions for energy storage and energy optimization in private and commercial properties.