4 energy trends for 2024


As March unfolds, Enequi have been keeping an eye on the energy trends that will dominate 2024. Here are our conclusions!

Support services

2024 is the year you start using support services. At least if you want to stay up-to-date! FCR, which stands for Frequency Containment Reserve, is a type of support service that allows you to contribute to the power grid by adjusting frequency when it deviates from the usual 50 Hz. If you have a home battery that supports FCR, you can help stabilize the power grid and even make some money from it. Keep an eye out during spring – that’s when Enequi enables all QuiPower systems to become part of the FCR market.

Home batteries

Once questioned by many, home batteries have now emerged as key players in the energy transition, and their prominence is set to grow in 2024. Following the solar panel hype, homeowners have realized the importance of energy storage to reduce electricity bills. Alongside support services, home batteries have become highly relevant for many property owners, and Enequi finds this development exciting!

Luckily, so does many installers. As they are also recognizing the benefits of battery storage, they have increasingly begun offering it to their customers. It’s an exciting shift in the industry, opening up new opportunities that benefit both homeowners and electricians.

Smart control

With more electricity providers offering hourly rates and an increasing number of grid operators introducing capacity tariffs, there’s a growing demand for better control over household energy consumption. These adjustments in the electricity market will continue throughout the year. Smart energy control is a typical area where tech enthusiasts have previously thrived. Interestingly, even those who aren’t tech enthusiasts are now realizing the financial gains of actively managing their energy usage, and that has a major impact on their wallets.

AI-powered management

Surely, no one has missed that Artificial Intelligence has had a major brake though these last few years. The development most likely won’t slow down in 2024. Intelligent control of electric appliances and energy usage will make life easier for end-users — regardless of how interested they are in energy. The advantage of advanced technology is that it can simplify life for those who find technology rather unexciting — one simply does not need to make to much of an effort. It is a great thing for these people, as well as for those who love technology, since AI will make life much more exciting an full of clever insights and new optimization patterns that they did not think of before. Perhaps we will dive deeper into that next year, when we look at the energy trends for 2025!