Enequi Signs Agreement with Fever


FCR to be launched soon as a feature in QuiPower as Swedish companies Enequi and Fever sign agreement. Fever provides a platform for aggregators wanting to participate in balancing markets in an automated way. The agreement between the companies is thus an important step in the launch of frequency regulation (FCR) in Enequi’s intelligent energy optimization system, QuiPower.

The agreement between the two companies, Enequi and Fever, has been signed, and the project to develop support for FCR (read more about FCR here) is in full swing. This means that Enequi has taken another step in the development of QuiPower. QuiPower is a system for intelligent energy storage and optimization, and since last year, Enequi has been working on developing support for FCR in the system. For some time now, it has been clear that Fever will be the platform when the functionality is launched in QuiPower later this year.

“We have placed great importance on choosing the right partner as we devleop the FCR compatibility,” comments Philip Lundquist, Product owner at Enequi. “We feel very confident that Fever is the company we will be collaborating with.”

Fever is a Swedish powertech company providing a platform for virtual power plants – for a greener world and a resilient Europe. Together with its partners, Fever aims to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources, and their vision is a world where everyone can provide flexibility to support the power grid.

An exact launch date for FCR in QuiPower has not yet been communicated, but Philip Lundquist says that users can expect a launch very soon.

“The project and collaboration with Fever are ongoing, and we look forward to finally offering our customers the opportunity to support and balance the power grid. The launch of this functionality is currently at the top of our priority list,” concludes Philip.