Enequi launches a completely updated QuiPower platform


Enequi is taking energy storage and energy control to the next level by updating the QuiPower platform with more features and options that will increase the energy comfort for customers.

The energy market is growing fast and undergoing constant changes, many of those required to make the energy transition possible and reach the climate goals. Since Enequi was established, the company has developed solutions suitable for the European market. To accelerate company growth and build a long-term product and service offering, the QuiPower platform has now undergone a major update.

There is lots of intensive work behind the newly developed QuiPower platform, and we are excited to see how the market receives it. The most visually clear change is that we now offer energy storage based on two different battery technologies, Hydride and Lithium. But the biggest change is QuiPower Core – the brain behind the new system, that enables advanced energy control and makes things easy for the user since it is fully automated, says Julia Erikson, marketing manager at Enequi.

By combining a variety of energy management functions, QuiPower gives the user more control and fewer surprises, both in terms of energy availability and the electricity bill.

During the development phase great focus has been placed on intelligent peak power shaving, since that’s where we create most customer values and can contribute to our customers having more money left in the wallet at the end of the month. Simultaneously, QuiPower will stabilize the electricity grid and provide value at community level. But it all boils down to that the combination of functionalities working together is what makes this system truly great. The QuiPower platform has a unique ability to combine several energy management functions tailored to each customer’s needs and to automate optimization of energy usage in as well as commercial properties, says Vladimir Vujic, technical manager at Enequi.

The new QuiPower platform is available for order since June 1, 2022.