Enequi enhances the collaboration with Nilar through partnership and battery order


Enequi embarks on a long-term strategic partnership with the Swedish battery manufacturer Nilar and signs an initial order for 800 batteries. The batteries are an important component in Enequi’s energy storage QuiPower Storage – Hydride.

The market for stationary energy storage solutions is growing rapidly, with high demand on the European market. As a provider of intelligent solutions for energy storage and energy control it is important for Enequi to listen closely to the what the market requests. Today, innovative battery technology with high safety and recyclability are significant parameters. Batteries from Nilar with built-in battery management system (BMS) meets the amplified requirements and offers a unique reoxygenating technology that enables repeated renewal of the battery’s life.

– Our customers are looking for safe and reliable energy storage solutions that provide sustainable and reliable energy supply. We have worked with Nilar for several years and through the new partnership we strengthen our offer, while also creating conditions to accelerate our growth in Europe, says Håkan Svärd, CEO of Enequi.

Nilar’s battery technology is based on nickel-metal hydride with a water-based electrolyte, which results in a strong environmental and safety profile, as well as high performance. Nilar has their headquarter in Täby, Sweden, and a production facility in Gävle, where they also conduct research and development.

– We look forward to working closely with Enequi to develop customized and cost-effective solutions based on Nilar’s batteries and BMS. Enequi has both the technical knowledge and the abilities required to create integrated solutions, where our batteries and Enequi’s energy management system work together optimally, says Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar.

Enequi’s QuiPower platform gives residential and commercial property owners access to clean energy through intelligent energy storage and energy control, where well-selected hardware is combined with software for energy management and optimization. By entering a long-term strategic partnership with the battery manufacturer Nilar, Enequi wants to meet customer’s needs for safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

The first event within the partnership is the delivery of 800 batteries with BMS from Nilar to Enequi, for installation in 100 QuiPower Storage units. In total, the order comprises an energy storage capacity of 1.15 MWh and an order value of SEK 10 million. For Enequi, it will be the starting point for a European expansion where matters such as safety and sustainability become even more crucial.