David Candela Solla spreads the word about Enequi in Spain


Since 22-year-old David Candela Solla joined Enequi Iberica’s team one year ago, the marketing plans for Spain have taken shape. We had a chat with him to hear more about his work, the sustainability focus, and the company’s plans for expansion.

In his role as a marketing coordinator, David ensures that Enequis’ communication is adapted to the Spanish market. He is based in Madrid and works closely together with the company’s CEO, Julián De La Cuesta, and Enequis’ Swedish marketing manager, Julia Erikson.

– I like to work strategically to reach targeted audiences. One of the best things I know is working across national borders. I learn a lot from our Swedish colleagues that comes in handy on the Spanish market, he says.

A central part of Enequis’ communication is to show all the benefits that come with storing energy in the company’s system. Spain has the perfect conditions for self-production of solar, both in terms of weather and the high amount of sunlight hours.

– It’s fun to work with such good conditions. The challenge is to make people understand how great the system really is. We work hard to spread the word about Enequi, and to make the company grow, says David.

He explains that one of the great things about Enequis’ system is that it helps people reduce their energy costs.

– Energy prices in Spain are rising. The energy storage in QuiPower helps flatten the costs, by storing energy during off-peak hours and using it when power is more expensive.

The transition to renewable energy not only creates benefits at an individual level but also for the environment and the Spanish economy.

– The way I see it, sustainability is one of the most important issues in Spain right now. Everyone needs to keep this in mind so that we can leave a good future for our children, says David, and continues:

– Enequi contributes to the transition by offering intelligent energy management and storage of renewable energy. Both parts are important for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, pollution, and energy consumption.

David’s interest in environmental issues is also reflected in his everyday life. For example, he often travels by public transport, drives a hybrid car when he has to, avoids buying products with plastic packaging, and sees it as a matter of course to recycle as much as possible.

When David is not fighting for the environment, he likes to go out and play sports. If we do not find him on the soccer field or at the padel court, he is probably enjoying a good movie.

– Sports and film are my biggest interests, and everything is better when you do it together with your friends, he concludes.