Pejang Tahmasebi is Enequi’s new International Sales Manager


Pejang Tahmasebi has a lot of professional sales experience visiting different countries, and during many years he also lived in Dubai and UK. Previously working as a professional basketball coach, he now takes on the role of International Sales Manager at Enequi.

Working towards an international market is nothing new for Pejang Tahmasebi, nor working in multiple countries. Discovering new places and exploring new environments is something he likes, and an interest he has had for a long time.

– I am very curious about cultures and to learn how work is done in other countries. A big part of my job at Enequi will be to identify companies that benefit most from Enequi’s products and services in each relevant country. Another important part will be to identify new solutions and countries with great growth potential. To get the opportunity to do this for a living will be fantastic.

The role of an International Sales Manager is not new to Pejang. He has worked in similar positions for over fifteen years. On the other hand, working with the transition to clean energy is new. Something he looks forward to and thinks will be exciting.

– I want everyone to understand what an incredible product we have and what Enequi’s solutions can do for both the individual, the environment, and the future. I look forward to speak about our product with those who have not yet discovered us. It is an exciting and important challenge. It will be a lot of fun!

Pejang is goal oriented. When he has set his mind on something, he doesn’t give up until he has reached that goal.

– It doesn’t matter what it is, if I have decided on something, I want to achieve it. If I go fishing and have planned on getting a pikeperch, I won’t give up until I at least get a tiddler, he says and laughs.

– I think it’s a good quality to have in working life as well, to set goals for yourself and do your very best to reach them. It has helped me a lot in life and made me get where I want.

Pejang has previously worked as a basketball coach. He spent a big part of his life coaching teams at a professional level in both Sweden and Dubai. Today he has left basketball behind, but one day it’s not impossible that he will return to the sport for which he has a great passion.

– I played basketball myself for many years but realized that I was not tall enough to become a professional basketball player. However, I was good at seeing the potential of every person and training them based on their individual strengths. I think it made me a good coach to be able to see each person on the team as an individual player. It’s different in working life, where we are a team and must work together to succeed.

Nowadays Pejang once again lives in Sweden with his family, in a house on a peninsula just outside of Kungsängen (Stockholm). On the weekends, he enjoys fishing, carpentry, and spending time with his family.

– There are also a lot of sports in my life. I love watching sports, especially hockey, and basketball.

Age: 48
Lives in: Lennartsnäs, Sweden
Workouts per week: Plays tennis once a week
Something I like: Chocolate
Favorite food: Persian food