Automation engineer Jagoda Wasag: “Take control of your future”


Jagoda Wasag moved from Poland to Sweden to be with her love, learned Swedish, and studied for an automation engineer degree. Today, she is part of Enequi’s team at the company’s technology center in Gothenburg, where she wants to make a difference with her newfound knowledge.

– Moving to a country where one doesn’t know the language and completely changing career requires courage. I have always seen myself as a quite timid person, so I am very proud of what I have accomplished, says Jagoda.

Somehow Jagoda always had a feeling that she would end up working with automation. The interest in technology was always there, but it was only when she moved to Sweden and realized that it would be difficult to continue working in human resources, where there were requirements of knowing fluent Swedish in speech and writing, that she finally took the leap.

– My older brother is an electrical engineer and I have always been fascinated by him and the industry. When I got the chance to change my career, the direction was obvious. There is so much to learn about automation and the possibilities for what you can accomplish are infinite.

In Jagoda’s first year in Sweden, she studied Swedish at SFI. After completing Swedish 1, 2, and 3, she applied to the polytechnic, which she left two years later with an engineering degree in hand.

– I started looking for jobs in electrical construction and was in the middle of a recruitment process when I was recommended to contact Enequi. I looked it up and was instantly interested in their solutions, corporate spirit, and focus on sustainability. The rest is history, laughs Jagoda.

On November 15, 2021, she made her first day at Enequi. So far, her main task is testing and certifying the company’s products before delivery to the customer, as well as seeing how the testing process could be streamlined.

– The plan is to work with similar internal projects in the future as well. There is a lot to learn and one of the things I appreciate most is that I get time and opportunity to get acquainted with the systems. Also, with the help and support of my fantastic colleagues.

What do you want to achieve in the future?

– I have quite similar goals privately and at work, and that is that I want to be good at what I do.

There are quite a few female engineers in the energy sector today. Why do you think that is?

– I think it depends on old habitual patterns, as well as on women’s perceptions of what it is like to work in the industry. Other possible explanations are lack of interest, that women do not want to work in male-dominated industries, or that they might be scared to use new tools and equipment, says Jagoda and continues:

– I think the energy sector is doing its best to attract more women and I hope that more women find their way over. There is lots of knowledge to gain here and great opportunities to make a difference.

What is your best advice for women who want to work in the energy sector?

– Follow your heart, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just do it! If you are interested in making a difference, you can always contribute here. And you don’t have to be in any certain kind of way to make it. Just look at me, I’m a trained automation engineer and I’m still learning. If I can do it, then so can you!

Age: 31
Lives: Gothenburg
Interests: Computer games and hanging out with friends, both online and physically.
Biggest achievement: To move abroad and change my life completely.
Motto: Many others dream of the same things as you do, but only the ones that try can succeed. Take control of your future!