Why QuiPower?

Hous in woods with solar panels (PV)


QuiPower is a solution from Enequi – Swedish supplier and developer. All our development takes place in Sweden and we provide support both in Swedish and English. Our partners install QuiPower on several markets across Europe – together with solar panels or connecting to existing solar panels.

Patented intelligence

The intelligence of QuiPower is patented and therefore unique. It is by far the most advanced AI solution for energy storage on the market right now.


QuiPower is completely independent of electricity companies and gives you the freedom to choose the supplier and contract that suits you best. You can change supplier at any time, without it affecting the functionality of the system.

Complete solution

With QuiPower, you get a fully integrated solution for smart energy storage, off-grid, EV car charging, energy price optimization and more.


We choose suppliers that offer the best hardware, and we develop the software ourselves. This allows us to be agile and develop new features when the market requires – always with top-class hardware.

Most profitable on the market

QuiPower is the most profitable system on the market today thanks to market-leading components that optimize the use of your solar production.

Cut your electricity costs with QuiPower!

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