Become part of the energy transformation with Enequi Academy


The QuiPower-system should be simple for both installers and users. That’s why Enequi has created the education Enequi Academy. As a certified Enequi-installer, you can take the lead and help your customers discover clean and trouble-free energy with QuiPower.  

More and more people in today’s society are asking for smart energy storage. Some want to be able to store more of their solar energy while others want to charge their electric car safely. No matter what, a safe installation is always required. Today, only a few electrical installers are familiar working with energy storage and the balancing of power in properties. We want to change that through Enequi Academy. 

– Many installers have worked with either classic electrical installation or solar panels (PV). To ensure a safe installation of our systems, we launched Enequi Academy. The first training session was held in 2020. During the education, electrical installers get to learn how to dimension, install and operate the QuiPower-system, says Patrik Hahne, business development manager at Enequi and continues: 

– We want to ensure that those who work with our products have sufficient knowledge to carry out the installation safely and efficiently. It is important for all electrical installations, but also a security for the end customer. 

Enequi Academy is a full-day education and is aimed at qualified electrical installers who also want to be able to work with energy storage and balancing of power. After completing the education, the certified Enequi installer can start receiving orders and dimensioning projects with QuiPower. It is not only electricians who attend the education, but also salesmen and installers at various companies. They also want to learn how the QuiPower-system and installation work, so they can easily explain it to their customers, says Patrik Hahne. 

What does Enequi Academy mean to the property owner? 

– It will prove that we can ensure a qualified installation. It should be easy for the customer. Managing QuiPower once it is installed in the home or property should definitely not require any training, concludes Patrik Hahne. 

If you are interested in attending Enequi Academy, you can easily register your interest here.