Off-grid solutions

Off-grid solutions

Are you tired of power outages? With QuiPower Off-Grid in your house, you get reserve power that saves you from spending hours in the dark! This is how it works:

What does off-grid mean?

Let's start with the fundamentals – off-grid means that you can be disconnected from the electricity grid and still have access to energy. Having an off-grid house can be seen in two different ways. One; that the house is not connected to the electricity grid at all. Two; that there are opportunities for electricity supply even during power outages.

Smart off-grid solutions and packages

Most people are interested in backup power to use in the event of sudden power outages. They want the opportunity to keep the light on, heat their food, or continue watching the game on TV. Many solutions for off-grid electricity in Sweden today are based on fossil-powered power plants. We at Enequi think that smart off-grid solutions should be more environmentally friendly, more easily accessible, and more maintenance-free. That's why we offer off-grid packages to our QuiPower Storages.

Off-grid systems from Enequi

Enequi offers, together with our partners, complete off-grid systems with QuiPower energy storage, backup power, and solar panels. This means that when the electricity grid is down, your energy storage will continue to supply your house with electricity. If you combine off-grid with solar panels, you get a very self-sufficient combination. Though solar panels are not a must, there are big advantages to the combination. One is that the solar panels charge the energy storage with solar during daylight hours. Energy that, thanks to the energy storage, can be used any time you want – during the day, evening, or night.

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Off-grid solutions

Intelligent energy storage is the heart of our off-grid solutions, but we offer different types of off-grid packages depending on your needs. Villas, summer cottages, and larger properties have different energy needs and conditions. Our range of energy storage systems can all be delivered with QuiPower Off-Grid as an option.

Worth knowing is that our off-grid solution is more than just an off-grid battery. For example, the intelligence in the system makes calculations based on upcoming weather, resulting in the system always being prepared with backup energy in case of power outages.

QuiPower systems with off-grid functionality:

QuiPower Storage Indoor

QuiPower Storage Module

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Self-sufficiency in homes and summer cottages

Many people associate living off-grid with freedom. Completely disconnecting from the electricity grid is a challenge, but QuiPower takes you one step closer. With energy storage that can provide you with backup power during power outages, you can feel safe in your summer cottage or at home.

A common misconception is that one has access to off-grid electricity just by having solar panels. That’s not the case since the inverter – which converts the solar panels' direct current into alternating current that can be used in the house – runs on electricity. Enequis' off-grid solution is based on the energy storage supplying both inverters and the rest of the house with electricity, which makes it possible to continue producing solar power even when the electricity grid is down.

Getting an off-grid solution for your weekend cottage or villa allows you to use your own electricity when power is out. QuiPower is an excellent way to store energy, even if you do not have solar panels. Charging energy from the electricity grid gives the same benefits when it comes to securing backup power and not being as affected by sudden power outages.

QuiPower is the heart of off-grid houses

The energy storage in the QuiPower Storage series is the heart and brain of the homes they are installed in, and the main part of the off-grid solution. In addition, you can supplement the energy storage with electric car charging, integrated or external. So, when there is no power outage, you use the extra energy to boost your electric car.

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