QuiPower Off-Grid

Your safe embrace when the power goes out. Keep lighting, internet and continued solar production going even when the electricity grid is not enough.

With QuiPower Off-Grid your house will stay lit even if your neighbors are having power outages. It helps you stay safe and sound through windy days and power failure.

QuiPower Off-Grid is an option for the energy storage QuiPower Storage Indoor, Outdoor and Module that makes it possible to utilize reserve power even in the event of a power failure.

Why QuiPower Off-Grid?

QuiPower Off-Grid
Backup power
Use stored energy during power outages
Continued production of solar power
Enable continued production and consumption of solar power from your solar panels during power outages.
Prioritized energy
Choose which equipment in your home to power during power outages.
Energy safety
With stored energy you can always keep necessary electric equipment running.

Does the solar panels (PV) stop working during power outages?

On the contrary to what many people believe, solar panel production does not work in the event of a power outage. Until now!

With QuiPower Off-Grid it is possible to continue producing and consuming solar power even in the event of a power failure.

How does QuiPower Off-Grid work?

The reason why solar panels traditionally can not produce electricity in the event of a power failure is that the so-called inverter – which simply converts solar power into household electricity – does not work when it does not receive electricity from the electricity grid.

With QuiPower Off-Grid, Enequi solves the problem. The energy storage ensures that the Off-Grid unit receives electricity from the energy storage instead of from the electricity grid in the event of a power failure. It enables both continued production of solar power and continued consumption of electricity in the home.