QuiPower provides a unique solution – energy storage with intelligent software

QuiPower can predict the weather and knows the electricity prices of tomorrow. The system learns your consumption patterns – when you usually use the washing machine, dishwasher or charge your car

QuiPower uses this knowledge to automatically optimize the usage between your self-produced solar energy and your energy storage. The outcome is a more reliable energy supply and significantly lower electricity costs. 

Functionality and possibilities 

Weather optimization, peak power shaving, tariff management, renewable time shifting, phase balancing, smart car charging and off-grid functionality – discover the many possibilities with QuiPower.

The QuiPower system

QuiPower Core is the intelligent brain of the QuiPower platform that controls, analyzes and takes action based on the property’s prevailing conditions and needs. QuiPower Storage is our modern solutions for energy storage and depending on your needs you can then add other products to your QuiPower echo system, such as QuiPower Off-Grid. Read all about our products here. 

Save money with QuiPower

With QuiPower installed in your property you can enjoy lower electricity costs and a more sustainable consumption. QuiPower uses intelligent analysis and data collection to buy electricity when prices are favourable and store energy to be used when prices peak. The system also makes sure to shave power peaks and minimize the grid costs by automatically steering the property’s energy usage to times outside the tariff intervals. 

Acquire QuiPower for your property

Enequi have installation partners all across the globe. Reach out to us today to find out more and take charge over your energy consumption and costs.