For smoothest electric function throughout the property

A one stop shop for all the parts you need

Enequi offers a wide range of products that solve all problems, both in new and existing real estate projects. Our products range from power balancing to wireless nodes, EV chargers, sensors and power and media control panels.

Enclosures and media panels

Combined electrical and multimedia centres with installation-friendly and professional solutions. We offer several combined power and media panels with installation-friendly and professional solutions. The enclosures has, among other things, reversible retractable box, removable flanges and an ample media space for flexible mounting and the door for wifi signals provides a great advantage when installing in all types of housing. Available accessories are recessed drawers for embedding, cable and cable separators, locks and covers. We deliver the panels fully equipped based on your needs, or separately for your installation convenience.

Quick Couplings

The quick-release system consists of ready-made wiring, connectors, distribution blocks and boxes for all basic functions. Planning is simple and enables efficient installations for new construction and rebuilding and expansion of power and lighting systems.

Installation time is reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional installation. This results in a total cost saving of up to 30%.


In the center of our wide range of sensors we have our E-node that in addition to weekly schedules, timer, stair function, dimmer etc also measures and balances effect. It uses the new Bluetooth 5 protocol, which extends the range and provides simpler installation. You can combine the E-node with all our presence sensors, light sensors and motion detectors to automate and power balance your property. The E-node can also be connected to our popular app so you have full control over your entire property through a few simple keypresses.