Great interest in Enequi’s energy storage solution at the ees Europe trade fair


Ees Europe is the continent’s largest international trade fair for sustainable solutions for storing renewable energy and innovative battery technology. The motto for this year’s fair was “Innovative energy storage” – an area that is met with great and growing interest, where Enequi can contribute with deep knowledge and innovative solutions.

Ees Europe took place in Munich on 6-8 October. Many suppliers of battery storage participated in the fair and the customers appreciated that Enequi, unlike many of them, can contribute with the entire energy storage solution.

– Many visitors of the fair were very interested in our energy storage solution. The area is still relatively new, and many do not understand the difference between energy storage and battery storage. Competitors usually only manage time shifting, while Enequi’s intelligent solutions also offer for example power balancing, says Håkan Svärd, CEO at Enequi.

The market for energy storage differs between the countries in Europe. Demand is often governed by different subsidies. In Germany, where all nuclear power should be closed down by 2022, interest is incredibly strong and in Belgium energy storage is hotter than ever since their residents no longer get paid for their excess solar energy.

– It was a boost to finally meet customers again. We could feel our segment bubbling and lots of things happening going forward, says Håkan Svärd.

A lot is happening on the solar energy side as well. Yesterday’s solar panels with a capacity of just over 300W are now being replaced by panels of 600W. This increases the total production of solar energy and creates a higher demand for Enequi’s solutions for energy storage.

Enequi plans to carry out several activities and attend various fairs around Europe over the next six months to increase knowledge in the European market about the QuiPower platform and the benefits of energy storage.

– We will take part in the energy and environmental fair Genera in Madrid in November. Thereafter, in March 2022, we will participate with our own stand at the fair Light + Building in Frankfurt and look forward to meet more potential customers across Europe, concludes Håkan Svärd.