Enequi launches QuiPower in the Netherlands


Enequi is taking the step out into Europe. The first partner outside of Sweden is Indutecc Renewable Solutions, who from now on will make QuiPower available to the growing market in the Netherlands.

Indutecc Renewable Solutions is a supplier of sustainable energy solutions, with main expertise in solar energy and energy storage. The newly signed partnership agreement with Enequi extends the company’s offer of energy storage systems and opens up new opportunities in the Dutch market.

– We are proud to be Enequi’s first QuiPower Solution foreign distributer. QuiPower is a fully integrated solution that will be a complement to our other systems. It will complete our business offer and enable us to cover inquiries that we have not previously been able to meet, says Jeroen Panis, Sales Manager at Indutecc.

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is very similar to that in Sweden, with an increasing shortage of capacity and an increased risk of power outages. In addition, the Netherlands has a well-developed charging infrastructure that drives residents to invest in electric cars faster than the electricity grid can take. With QuiPower, homeowners and other players can take control of their own electricity consumption, as well as enable electric car charging at home.

– There is a growing demand for having extra power available. The Dutch people want to be able to charge their cars at home and store energy as a back-up in case the electricity grid should fail. QuiPower solves both problems. The lack of these features has been the missing link in our previous systems, says Jeroen Panis.

Indutecc has made a similar journey as Enequi, where the companies have grown out of established companies when the need for new, sustainable solutions has become clear. Enequi’s Business Development Manager Patrik Hahne is pleased with the new collaboration and has high hopes for the future.

– It feels safe and exciting to be able to go international with Indutecc as a partner. They have similar values ​​and goals as us, which I see as a great advantage, he says.

About Enequi

Enequi is a privately-owned developer and supplier of intelligent solutions for energy storage, electrical installation, metering and industrial automation. Enequi’s solutions are based on decades of industry experience and a commitment to putting property owners in charge of their energy supply for a trouble-free transition to the era of clean and energy.

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