Unleash the full power of your solar panels with QuiPower!

Smart technology from Enequi makes it easy to store clean energy and use 100% of your production.

Solar energy storage with QuiPower

Your solar panels make a difference – you help make the world greener and cleaner. But you can’t always use what you produce – especially on evenings when you need it most. QuiPower changes that. It provides you with a smart way to store solar energy and use all your clean electricity. QuiPower enables you to take control of how you produce, consume and manage electricity in your home.

Collect solar energy during the day and use it at night

During the summer months, your solar panels start producing electricity in the early hours of the morning. QuiPower Storage captures that  energy so you can brew your breakfast cup of coffee and toast your bread with the clean energy that was generated on your roof, before you got out of bed.

Throughout the day, the solar panels continue to generate energy. Production is at its highest in the middle of the day, when personal consumption is usually at its lowest.

When the sun is setting and the evening’s activities begin, that’s when you need your solar power. But if you haven’t stored it, cooking, washing, and charging phones and cars has to be done with mains energy bought from the grid. Which is a real shame. With QuiPower, your evening activities can be powered from clean energy that was produced throughout the day.

Peace of mind during power outages

You might think that your safe from power outages during the daytime if you’ve got solar panels. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Standard solar panels require electricity from the mains to operate. Which means you can’t generate or use solar power during power outages – that is, unless you have a smart QuiPower system, which will enable you to do both when the mains power goes out.

During a power outage, the QuiPower Off-grid Module automatically disconnects your home from the mains power and starts using electricity from your storage unit. So you can keep streaming  music, watching TV and cooking dinner even though it is quiet and dark at the neighbors.

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Become more self-sufficient with solar energy

With QuiPower Storage in your home, you can become more self-sufficient by saving electricity from solar panels and using it when you need it.

Optimize the charging of your hybrid or electric car by simply charging it with overproduction of energy from your solar panels. What could be greener than that?

Without QuiPower, you need to buy mains electricity from the grid when the sun goes down. With QuiPower, the sun rays continue to power your home long after the lights have gone out.

Get built-in weather forecasting for your solar panels

QuiPower Storage is so much more than an energy storage unit. The system comes with smart software that plans and manages your energy usage several times a day based on the weather prognosis.

Will the sun shine brightly tomorrow? Then the system will use stored solar energy during the evening and night, since more energy will be produced the following day. If it’s going to rain or be cloudy, the system ensures you have an ample energy backup available and distributes the electricity more sparingly, which may mean using energy from the grid.

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