Take charge

Make clean, affordable and trouble-free energy part of your daily life with QuiPower smart energy storage and control.

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Enequi Solar Battery
Use your solar energy around the clock

QuiPower stores your clean energy, distributes it to where it’s required, and can even be set up to sell any excess if it’s going to be sunny the next day.

Battery for car charging
Charge cars without costly fuse upgrades

Charge 1, 2 or 200 electric vehicles. With QuiPower, you can fast charge without investing in costly fuse or infrastructure upgrades.

Enequi Off-grid
No power? No problem during power outages

QuiPower provides a continuous flow of energy during an outage and keeps critical appliances powered up during blackouts.

Control Home Energy
Use low cost energy smartly

QuiPower learns your consumption patterns, buys energy at its cheapest and stores it for when you need it.

Becoming self-sufficient with solar panels and QuiPower

”The plan is to be self-sufficient throughout the summers. The solar energy stored and distributed by Quipower will power our home and two hybrid cars. Last year we only got to use 3000 kWh out of a total of 8000 kWh produced solar energy.”

Tiit Nurmela

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Power your home with QuiPower

Safe Backup Power

Safe backup power

QuiPower comes as standard with Nilar Hydride® batteries – the world’s safest batteries. They are fire and explosion proof – perfect for homes and offices.

Grow property value

When the time comes to sell a property, its value will considerably increase if it comes with low cost and predictable energy bills. Plus you can plan knowing future energy costs.

Reduce footprint

Connecting QuiPower to solar panels ensures you can use all your clean energy produced rather than selling overproduction and buying from the grid when the sun goes down.

Smart car charging

Let the car charger take into account the rest of the house’s energy consumption. With QuiPower Charger you can charge one or more electric vehicles smartly, quickly and safely.

Take charge of your energy

QuiPower smart energy storage gives you complete control of the energy in a property. All this power has been channelled into the user-friendly QuiPower App which is availble for iOS and Android.