Enequi launches new product for lighting and load control: QuiPower Node


The Swedish company Enequi develops and delivers systems for intelligent energy storage. Their product QuiPower is a smart system with AI intelligence that uses data such as electricity prices and household consumption patterns to optimize energy usage. Enequi is now launching a supplement in the QuiPower family; QuiPower Node, a relay puck for intelligent lighting control, load control and energy management.

Since 2017, Enequi has continuously launched updates and news within the QuiPower product family, which is their system for intelligent energy storage. The latest news is QuiPower Node, which was previewed at Elmässan exhibition in October. Now Enequi has launched the product on the market. With QuiPower Node, you can control the lighting and other electricity consumers in your property. Among other things, you can set a timer on your coffee maker, automate the outdoor lighting according to sunrise and sunset or create custom automations in the QuiPower app.

“Finally, we can present QuiPower Node as an addition to our product portfolio”, says Håkan Svärd, CEO of Enequi. “With QuiPower Node, we present even more benefits for the end customer, with the opportunity to build a network of pucks in the home and create groups to control entire rooms, or just install a puck exactly where it is needed.”

It is thanks to the Bluetooth Mesh functionality that the user can connect several relay pucks to form a network, but the puck can also be used independently. It works both with and without the rest of the QuiPower platform, but the advantage if you use it together with the intelligent system is that all load control is automated, and you can get even more reduced electricity costs as a result.

“We see QuiPower Node as a natural part of the QuiPower platform,” comments Håkan, “and thanks to the intelligence of the system, the load control is automatic.”

The QuiPower Node relay puck is the first in the Node family, with plans to expand the product range further on with a dimmer puck as well. QuiPower Node is available to order from Enequi’s partners.

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