Power outages are becoming more usual – this is how you can avoid them!

The world is moving towards more renewable energy, which challenges the electricity grid. More power outages and more expensive electricity bills are to be expected in the future.

You don’t have to be affected

There are simple ways for you as a homeowner to avoid power outages and rampant electricity costs. With QuiPower Off-Grid, a solution from Swedish Enequi, you get power backup that’s ready to use when the electric grid is down. When your neighbors need to light candles in the dark, you can leave your lights on, heat your food, or continue watching the game on TV.

Part of the QuiPower system

Enequi offers complete off-grid solutions with energy storage, backup power, and solar panels. This means that the energy storage will continue to supply the house with electricity even during power outages.

If the off-grid solution is combined with solar panels, a very self-sufficient combination is achieved. During daylight, the solar panels fill the energy storage with solar. Energy that then can be used in the property during the day, evening, or night.

But solar panels are not a must, the energy storage can also be charged directly from the electricity grid, for secure power access in case of sudden power outages.

Reserve power for properties

Living off-grid in island mode, ie being able to completely disconnect from the electricity grid, is a dream for many. QuiPower takes you one step closer to that goal, with electrical comfort even during power failures. Intelligent energy storage provides reserve power, for you to feel safe in your summer cottage or home even during the windiest day of autumn.

Solar panels – false security in the event of power failure

Many people believe that off-grid electricity is something you have access to just by installing solar panels. It is a misconception since the inverter – which converts the solar panels’ direct current to alternating current that can be used in the house – runs on electricity. Enequis’ off-grid solution is based on the energy storage supplying both the inverter and the rest of the house with electricity, which makes it possible to continue producing solar power even when the electricity grid is down.