Make the most of your solar panels with smarter energy storage

Did you know that homeowners on average use only half of their self-produced solar energy? And that the other half is sold back to the grid, only to be bought back at a higher price? Thanks to smart energy storage systems such as QuiPower from Enequi you can harness more of your energy production and at the same time reduce your electricity costs.

How good is solar energy if you can’t use it?

The transition to clean energy is in full swing, and many have already taken the first step by installing solar panels. But the constant problem is that most solar energy is produced during the day, while the actual energy needs are in the morning and evening. The result is that you sell a large amount of solar energy during the day, only to buy more expensive electricity from the grid in the evening.

The brain behind smart energy storage

Luckily smart energy storage systems can contribute to both more self-consumption of solar power and lower energy costs. These systems are more than just batteries that store excess electricity. The systems use advanced digital solutions to create and adapt individual charging schedules for your home.

Charge with cleaner, cheaper energy

By analyzing energy production patterns over time and season, smart energy storage can ensure fully charged batteries when the sun is shining the most. When solar energy is not enough, it also makes sure to charge energy from the grid when the price is at its lowest, for example in the middle of the night.

Optimize charging and consumption

Based on your home’s daily usage pattern, the system makes sure to distribute the stored electricity when it is needed the most. And by considering local weather forecasts and current energy prices, the optimization of storage and distribution is done automatically to reduce your energy costs over time. 

The key to even, reliable, and efficient solar energy in the home

Whether you want a smoother balance between your energy production and consumption, more reliable access to extra energy, or simply more control over when and where your energy is being used, there are many benefits to smart energy storage systems. Thanks to constantly improving apps and user interfaces, the entire household’s energy flows become easier to both overview and control.  

Are you considering installation of solar panels (PV)? Do you want to get more out of your investment? 

Read the guide to smart solar storage here.

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