QuiPower Storage Outdoor

QuiPower Storage Outdoor offers the same premium capabilities as our indoor model, but can be installed outdoors. The outdoor energy storage unit, which is designed and assembled in Sweden, has been developed to  withstand challenging temperatures ranging from –20°C to +40°C. The touchscreen sits inside the hard-wearing unit, so we recommend using the app to control your energy during winter!

QuiPower Storage Outd
QuiPower Storage Outdoor
Energy storage capacity:
5-12kWh per unit. Scalable up to 700 kWh
Compatible with solar panels:
Can be used with existing or new solar panel installations.
Car charging:
Integrated charger supports charging of multiple vehicles.
Energy supply during power outages:
Supports continued solar production and energy consumption.
Outdoor installation:
IPX3/X4 casing developed to handle cold weather climates down to -20C.
Fully-contained unit must be installed by an certified electrician.
Controllable from the app:
iOS, Android and Desktop.