QuiPower Storage Indoor

QuiPower Storage Indoor is a scalable, fully-integrated solution for managing and controlling the energy in your property. The whitegoods-sized standalone unit, contains home batteries, inverter, car charging station and optional off-grid mode capabilities, all managed from the integrated intelligent software – which can be controlled directly from the unit’s touchscreen or via the app. 

Technical Specifications
QuiPower Storage Indoor
Energy storage capacity:
5-12kWh per unit. Scalable up to 700 kWh.
Compatible with solar panels:
Can be used with existing or new solar panel installations.
Car charging:
Integrated charger supports charging of multiple vehicles.
Energy supply during power outages:
Supports continued solar production and energy consumption.
The fully-contained unit must be installed by an certified electrician.
Controllable from the app:
iOS, Android and Desktop.