QuiPower Storage – Hydride

QuiPower Storage – Hydride is an energy storage system equipped with Swedish developed battery technology with unique reoxygenating technology. The technology enables reconditioning of the batteries, in order to renew their function and achieve a long calendar and cycle life. The battery technology is developed by Swedish Nilar and is based on nickel-metal hydride. QuiPower Storage – Hydride is an excellent product for energy storage in buildings and offers both a safe and sustainable storage solution.

The used batteries are returned and recycled, reducing the environmental footprint. The energy storage is used to optimize the property’s energy usage or as backup power in case of power outages (in combination with QuiPower Off-Grid).

The energy storage is delivered with a built-in control unit (BMS) for continuous analysis and management of the energy storage’s well-being. QuiPower Storage – Hydride is scalable with storage capacities from 12 kWh to 60 kWh. The energy storage is part of Enequi’s QuiPower platform and is sold together with QuiPower Inverter and with an integrated QuiPower Core.

Energilagret levereras med inbyggd kontrollenhet (BMS) för kontinuerlig analys och styrning av energilagrets välmående. QuiPower Storage – Hydride är skalbart med lagringskapacitet från 12 kWh till 36 kWh. Energilagret är en del av Enequis QuiPowerplattform och säljs tillsammans med QuiPower Core och QuiPower Inverter.

The QuiPower-plattform intelligence

Key Fatures
  • Reoxygenating technology
  • Recyclable batteries
  • Long lifespan
  • Scalable from 12 kWh
  • Compatible with the QuiPower-platform