Charge the electric car without clogging the network

Smart & Safe Charging at home or commercial garages

The PBS system has a built-in function for optimal charging of electric vehicles. As much energy as possible is directed to the charging, taking into account the other use in the house and the prioritization of these set in the system. It simultaneously supports single-phase and three phase charging, utilizing available capacity up to 66 times better compared to traditional systems so that three times more cars can be charged simultaneously.

Charger -Online Safety

Enequi’s charger is designed with simplicity, safety and continuous charging in mind. The installation is simple and fast thanks to Enequis quick coupling system.

The connection via Bluetooth and Wifi ensures full control as well as efficient charging and balancing between the vehicles. The built-in RCD type B and temperature sensors ensure maximum protection against failures leading to fire and damage to connected vehicles.

The unit can be used in conjunction with other Enequi products or completely standalone.

Quick Couplings

Installation time is reduced by up to 70 % compared to conventional installation. This results in a total cost saving of up to 30 %

The quick-release system consists of ready-made wiring, connectors, distribution blocks and boxes for all basic functions. The planning becomes simple and enables efficient installations for new construction and rebuilding and expansion of power and lighting systems.

Commercial implementations

- three times more cars can be charged at the same time

The Enequi system is particularly suitable for installation in commercial properties with, for example, high demands on many, fast and efficient charging stations.

The base is a complete range of installation products – everything from installation cabinets to multifunction nodes and sensors.

Our quick-release system makes installation faster and cuts costs by over half.

With three-phase power balancing, available capacity is used 66 % more efficiently compared to traditional systems, which means that three times more cars can be charged simultaneously and often without the need to upgrade the mains. You can select charging capacity from 1,4kW up to 22kW. Of course you can combine with solar power to get maximum power and economy. Everything is monitored remotely in the cloud


Connected to the cloud remotely. Monitor, program, and
Manage your system how and when you want