A new smart way to save and balance your electricity

Ready-made energy solutions that balance the need in all types of properties

Enequi PBS is the heart of power balancing in modern properties. It can be expanded in size depending on how many kilowatts you need and is easy to install. After you have “plug-n-Play”, you can manage the device from where you want, whenever you want. The unit’s muscles, the Nilar batteries, operates in sub zero temperatures which allows you to place it wherever you want – even outdoors. The actual brain is the control unit that continuously monitors, optimizes and balances your power automatically.

Makes all the electrical gadgets work

The basic principle is to harvest of the energy when it is available and cheap, store it in the built-in battery pack and, using a 3-fassystem, allocate and manage the total needs of the property.

The system is smart and checks that the battery is properly charged and used correctly. It also measures and monitors the property’s need for electricity and how much is produced. The system then looks at harmonising and balancing all available power/electricity between the phases to cut power peaks, that risks blowing a fuse.

We call it the Robin Hood effect – to take from a rich phase and give to a poor.

During the day, the batteries in the storage are filled.

Either from own sources such as photovoltaics and wind power, or by buying electricity during the time it is at its cheapest at the power companies. The electricity is then distributed via all three phases according to the specified need/setup/programming.

Measure, monitor control the property wirelessly via Bluetooth with our E-node

Boosts your vehicle charging safely

Charge the storage 20 times cheaper at night
- Use when electricity is the most expensive

Store Energy – Save electricity and use when needed at its best

The solution to our future power problems is to balance the amount of energy available. This means that we store the energy when it is cheap to buy, or when the sun produces the most, and then use it when you need the most power, which is also the time when the electricity is at its most expensive to buy. PBS acts as a power buffer that harvests the electricity that solar panels generate during the daytime. The saved energy can be used as a backup power source for the property during power outages.

Make the most of green energy

Solar panels on the roofs are becoming an increasingly common sight in both residential areas and commercial properties. But it is difficult to assimilate the energy from these. A large part of solar energy is produced when no one is at home and it often ends with this electricity being sold to energy companies or network owners at a loss.

Smart & Safe Charging at home or commercial garages

Charge the electric car without clogging the network

The PBS system has a built-in function for optimal charging of electric vehicles. As much energy as possible is directed to the charging, taking into account the other use in the house and the prioritization of these set in the system. It simultaneously supports single-phase and three phase charging.