Exceptional for controlling, measuring and monitoring your power

The world's Smallest Multi function node for Power balancing

E-node is our power balancing node with full connection both to car charger, energy storage and the house's other appliances. The installation is quick and programming simple. Suitable for all installation boxes regardless of switch. Saves space and handles cables up to 4mm2.

The power at your fingers

Available for both Android and iOS, the Enequi app allows you to quickly and easliy manage your property. Which car is currently charging? How much does the dryer consume right now? How much energy have I saved today?

You can set up automatic scenes where multiple actions are performed at certain times, when motion is detected or even at sunset or sunrise.  

Fully equipped


You can program the node to function as a countdown timer when you for example want a light to turn on a certain number of minutes after activating the motion sensor or push button.

Weekly Schedules

The E-node's programmable weekly schedules allows you to automate all recurring events, such as only allowing power consumption during certain hours of the day or something as simple as putting on the coffee each morning.

Astro clock

Astro clock means that the node is aware of which GPS position it is installed on and therefore continually gets new hours for the sunrise and sunset, so you do not have to reprogram outdoor lighting at all times.

Dimming 0-100% (LED Universal)

Many dimmers work worse at low load, down to 10-15%, with flickering or that it is not even possible to dimming so far down. Enequis E-node makes it possible to dim all the way down to 1%.

Power metering and balancing

To achieve maximum power balance, you need to check all power consumers in your property. The E-node continuously measures the effect and communicates with energy storage and other nodes for optimal balance.

Stair function

Of course, the E-node can handle stair functionality, that is, when you want several buttons to control the same unit with, for example, a lamp to be controlled in a staircase. It can also control off and on of other household appliances from several sensors and switches.

Memory backup

The device's built-in battery will ensure continuous function even if the power is out. All your settings, schedules and automations are retained in memory until the power is back.


Scenarios mean that you program the E-node to perform a series of events at any given time, such as lighting the light in the kitchen 30 minutes after sunrise and then putting on the coffee and playing a song on the radio.


Connected to the cloud. Monitor, program, and
Manage your system how and when you want.

Bluetooth 5

– Mesh Networking

Highest Security!
Impossible to hack according to report AES Security Seagate 128vs25. Three independent layers of codes. Be careful with your user name and password.

Open standard!
Connect the lights, sensors, and other devices in your own interconnected network (mesh). All devices that follow the open standard can be connected to the network.