Gycom becomes Enequi

To meet one of our world’s greatest challenges, Gycom now takes the step to change, transform and refine into a new sustainable company that is at the forefront of power balancing and new solutions to the energy needs of our time.

We have tried to solve all our customers ‘ various electricity challenges since we founded Gycom 1986. Our journey took us through the successful launch of the Optima battery that later laid the foundation for the Nilar Battery. The acquisition of Moeller 2005 made it possible for the group to reach even higher.

By combining these companies and their history, we are now on the verge of adopting the next challenge in energy, power and balancing. The solution is as complex as it is simple. Energy must be stored. The effect must be distributed and be in balance. Therefore Gycom rebrands to => Enequi (Energy + Equilibrium)

Under the brand Enequi, we now collect all our best products with a clear purpose, to solve our energy needs. The installation is simple, fast and smart thanks to our integrated system of everything from norm power and media control panels to quick couplings and sensors, which both work wirelessly with the latest Bluetooth technology but also wired.

Enequi is your one-stop-shop for all products to create the new generation of automated properties that are both kind to the user and especially to the world around us.


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