Energy transformation is here. It’s time to take charge.

As the grid struggles to adapt to rising electrification, homeowners and commercial property owners will be first to face the limitations. QuiPower smart energy solutions from Enequi enable you to take charge of your energy whenever and wherever you need it.

Enequi is a privately-owned developer and supplier of solutions for energy storage, electrical installation, metering and industrial automation. Enequi’s solutions are based on decades of industry experience and a commitment to putting property owners in charge of their energy supply for a trouble-free transition to the era of clean energy.

Our Story

In 2017. Lars Fredriksson – the founder and former CEO of multiple battery developers and manufacturers – started Enequi to launch an exciting new platform to meet the growing needs of the clean energy market. Enequi is the reincarnation of the founders previous company, Gycom, a leading provider of electronic components to the Scandinavia market. 

Platform development

With over 30 years of supplying automation components and systems to installers and OEMs, our previous experience has paved the way for the development of the QuiPower platform. It has enabled us to source the optimal components to create a secure and inclusive Bluetooth mesh environment for our smart energy solutions.

Leading edge technology

The engineering expertise from designing and building power units and media panels has also proved invaluable in the design phase of the QuiPower Storage unit. And with the addition of talented engineers to the Enequi team, QuiPower has been built on leading edge technology with AI at its core.

Our Markets

QuiPower from Enequi is available in any country using European standard 400/230V mains supply. We currently have distributors in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. If your country does not have a distributor, please contact  head office directly.